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Automation GD

Our company specializes in assembling MCCs and everything that relates to it. All of Automation GD’s projects can be certified UL, ULC and CE contingent upon your needs. You can find our multiple projects across Quebec, Canada, United States as well as in Europe.



Another specialty at Automation GD are Allen-Bradley products, more specifically MCC and all its components. We have all the necessary equipment to verify all PLC I/O points online with the processor, Ethernet communication, Devicenet etc. With our expertise counting over 30 years and more than 9600 projects, we have the skills to answer your every need. Over the years, we have acquired the trust of our numerous clients and we pride ourselves in having excellent business relations with the distributors of these products.


Are you looking for a particular MCC component? We have an impressive inventory ready to ship.


Are you looking for a specific advice on MCC? Automation GD is your reference.

Our Mission

Automation GD’s mission is to offer our clients what they ask for, meaning a well built and liable product. Our company is well known for developing and building quality products that are sure to satisfy your every need. Throughout the years, we were able to create a name for ourselves by developing a unique expertise related to the conception and the engineering of our products. Since 1986, every project signed by Automation GD is a synonym of liability, efficiency and durability.

We Work With
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